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Jun 3, 2020
Geology Buzz is the youngest & most revolutionary Geology forum or discussion board. Although there are several pages and groups on social media that discuss Earth Science, most of them are are dedicated to a website or contain small communities, which makes it extremely difficult for getting information.

It's common for Geologists to get messages on social media with queries about courses and jobs. Moreover, most of the information we get on internet is from either wiki articles or generic science forums. We often find Geology grouped together with Geography, Environmental Science or even Archaeology. There are some active forums but they focus on specific subjects, but not dedicated to Geology in general. This gives us an opportunity to develop this community, Geology Buzz, with active users to share knowledge and learn more about the subject.

Feel free to post your suggestions to improve the forum. We encourage users to stay active on Geology forum and share it to reach more users.

About us

  • Geology Buzz is a forum for all Geologists and Earth Science enthusiasts. Our community has many great things to offer to the students and professional of all Earth Science fields including Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Hydrology, Geography, Engineering Geology and Environmental Geology. Let's Rock!

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