What are mobile belts?


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Jun 3, 2020
Mobile belt is a synonym used for Orogenic belt which is a zone affected by orogeny. Mobile belts are elongated regions of deformation composed of crustal fragments. They are usually distributed over hundreds of kilometres inside continental convergent margins. They are associated with subduction zones which consume crust and thicken lithosphere. The term mobile belt is usually applied to earlier (i.e. early Precambrian) belts where plate-tectonic models cannot easily be applied.

Proterozoic Mobile Belts of India
The Aravalli–Delhi Mobile Belts (ADMB) and Satpura Mobile Belts (SMB) and the Eastern Ghat Mobile Belt (EGMB) in India form major Proterozoic mobile belts with adjoining cratons and contemporary basins. The Satpura Mobile Belt, also referred to as the Central Indian Tectonic Zone (CITZ), is a complex Proterozoic orogenic belt that formed during the accretion of the Bastar– Singhbhum Craton to the Northern Bundelkhand Craton. The southern boundary of the CITZ is delineated by the Central Indian Suture (CIS) which is a brittle-ductile shear zone. CIS forms the boundary between the Bundelkhand Craton to the north and the Bastar Craton to the south.

Tectonic History of the Central Indian Suture (CIS)
1. The oceanic crust between the Bundelkhand Craton and Bastar Craton started to subduct 2.3 Billion years ago (2.3 Ga).
2. The initiation of calc-alkaline plutonism formed the Malanjkhand and Dongargarh Plutons
3. The Sakoli and Nandgaon volcanics formed an island arc in the southern block 2.1 Billion years ago (2.1 Ga).
4. These two blocks collided from 2.1 Ga to 1.7 Ga forming the Central Indian Suture (CIS).
5. The Sausar Fold Belt developed during the 1.7 Ga to 1.5 Ga interval.
6. The back-arc extension resulted in the Khairagarh Group accompanied by bimodal volcanism from 1.0 Ga to 0.7 Ga.


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