What is Gemology?


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Jun 3, 2020
Gemology (or Gemmology) is a branch of Geology dealing with the study of natural and artificial gemstones. It is considered a branch of Mineralogy as the Gemstones are minerals. However, Gemology is not taught as a part of Geology except the study of a few Gemstones as a part of Mineralogy. The subject is offered as a standalone course considering the popularity and demand of the gemstones. It has ample career opportunities in the jewelry industry.

It should be noted that the exploration and mining of gemstones is generally dealt by Geologists while the identification and testing are done by Gemologists. The identification of gemstones doesn't restrict to the type of gem or the physical properties, as the structure and internal fractures affect the price. If you Graduate in Geology, you'll experience at least once in your life someone bringing a huge Quartz crystal and asking if it's a Diamond. Several scammers also try to exploit innocent people by selling fake gemstones as their sale in black market is not uncommon. Apart from jewelry, many people purchase gemstones and some minerals for astrological reasons or just with a hope that they bring good luck.


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