What is Geochemistry?


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Jun 3, 2020
Geochemistry is a branch of Science that applies the knowledge of Chemistry to explain the Geological systems and processes. We can simply explain Geochemistry as the chemical laboratory studies related to the Geology. However, the scale of the subject is vast extending from elements within a mineral to the origin of Solar system. Geochemists study the chemical composition of the planets, asteroids and meteoroids to unlock the mysteries of the solar system.

There are multiple branches of Geochemistry that deal with specific areas of interest. The knowledge of Chemistry is required to excel in the subject. Generally, most of the colleges don't offer courses in Geochemistry and the subject is taught as a part of Geology. Moreover, the researchers of Geology (particularly Mineralogy) frequently need to test the composition of minerals and ores for a better assessment and interpretation. The development of non-destructive methods are becoming an alternative to destructive lab studies. However, the application of Geochemistry is unavoidable in Geology. The career options are mostly in research, as the labs generally prefer Chemists over Geologists.

Golden Gardenia

Jun 19, 2020
Geochemistry is generally used to study the chemical composition of meteoroids
There are a lot of other things too. The igneous and metamorphic rocks need Geochemical studies. The mineral exploration and mining requires the assay to assess if the ore is mineable.
I think Geochemistry is only restricted to research institutes
There are many labs too, but they usually recruit chemists. So, the jobs are mostly restricted to research work.


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