What is Geography?


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Jun 3, 2020
Geography is a field of Science that deals with the surface features and processes of the Earth. Apart from the study of physical processes that shape the landscape, Geography deals with the study of humans and their interaction with the nature. This makes Geography a completely different field to that of Geology, which almost ignores organisms except for Biological weathering and fossils. For this reason, Geography is also called as the world discipline, which acts as a bridge between the humans and the physical sciences. Moreover, Geography is not limited to the study of Earth, as it involves the study of entire Universe and its features.

There are several branches of Geography which deal with the specific areas of interest. The major division is into 2 branches: Human Geography and Physical Geography. The Human Geography deals with the people, their culture, economics, interaction with the environment etc. The Physical Geography deals with the study of natural surface features and processes.

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