What is Geophysics?


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Jun 3, 2020
Geophysics is a branch of Science that deals with the physical processes and physical properties of the Earth. As the name suggests, Geophysics is the application of concepts of Physics to study the Earth. The shape, internal structure, composition, electrical, magnetic & gravitational fields of the Earth are studied as a part of the subject. The Geophysicists require a sound knowledge of both Geology & Physics to solve complex problems.

Majority of the concepts of Geophysics depend upon the extrapolation of information. So, the application in field and the interpretation of the data requires good understanding of the fundamental concepts of the subject. Geophysics is a fairly modern subject as the earlier contributions in the subject are mostly attributed to the Physics.

Geophysics offers many career opportunities. The scientific research is constantly progressing and there are many dedicated research institutes. The subject has vast application in mineral exploration, mining and petroleum deposits. The electrical methods are applied in finding groundwater, magnetic methods in metallic ores and seismic methods in petroleum deposits. The subject is applied on regional scale to identify potential deposits, followed by Geological methods and core drilling to get more information. As the subject has consistent demand, more colleges are offering the subject.


Aug 15, 2022
Geophysics is my main profession now, and I personally constantly try to develop in it and learn new things. I generally consider this approach to be the most correct. For example now in search of a good radar, the chief gave the task to find the highest quality one. I was interested in this gpr radar . Maybe someone has used it? What do you think?


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