What is Hydrology?


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Jun 3, 2020
Hydrology is a branch of science that deals with the study of movement, distribution and management of water on Earth. The same concepts and techniques are applied for studying other planets too but it has limited scope. The Hydrologists study the water cycle, natural water resources, water management, environmental preservation and the mitigation of natural disasters. Hydrology has several branches and allied fields that focus on several other issues or specific areas of interest.

What is Hydrology?

Applications of Hydrology
Hydrology has several real world application including
  • Mitigation of floods, landslides and droughts
  • Designing bridges, dams, sewers and drainage systems
  • Calculation of rainfall and precipitation
  • Determining the water balance of a region
  • Locating the aquifers in an area and suggesting locations for borewells
  • Determining the quality of drinking water
  • Planning artificial recharge of groundwater
  • Assessing the environmental risks associated with the discharge of waste water
There are several other applications of the subject.

Hydrology has very good career opportunities in research institutes, Government organizations, and several corporate companies. Many industries depend upon the clean water, and they require Hydrologists to identify quantity and quality of the water resources. Hydrologists also need to prepare environmental compliance according to the Government regulations.

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