What is Mineral Exploration?


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Jun 3, 2020
Mineral Exploration is the process of finding metallic ores and non-metallic minerals. The same principles are used in the exploration of water, coal, petroleum and natural gas. However, the technology and processes differ based on the property of the resource. Based on the properties of the minerals, the electrical, magnetic, gravity and seismic methods are used in the exploration.

The exploration has multiple stages from finding a new prospect to the evaluation of mining feasibility. The positive results demand a detailed exploration. While thousands of prospects are explored, only a few reach the stage of mining. It is extremely difficult to find a new deposit and it generally takes several decades of exploration in multiple stages. Considering the costs involved, the companies regulate the budget of the quantity of exploration. So, the Geological interpretation of the area based on the initial results play a crucial role in identifying the locations for detailed study and chances of finding an economically viable mineral deposit.

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