What is Structural Geology?


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Jun 3, 2020
Structural Geology is the study of macroscopic and microscopic structures with respect to their deformational histories. The local deformations can be extrapolated to understand the regional Geological events. This helps us to understand more about the plate tectonics.

The study of Geological structures is of great importance in mineral exploration, mining geology and petroleum geology. These deposits of economic importance are generally trapped in specific structures. So, the exploration involves the study of regional structures to find folds and faults, that server as the potential indicators for certain deposits.

Apart from the exploration of natural resources, structural geology also helps in the identification of Geotechnical risks for engineering constructions. The Hydrologists also apply the knowledge of structural geology in order to study the groundwater flow and penetration.

Jeffrey Arnold

Jun 19, 2020
I started my career in Geology with the study of folds. You should study basic Structural Geology even if you're not a Geologist.


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