When was the first Geological map of Great Britain published?


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Jun 3, 2020
(A) 1807
(B) 1812
(C) 1815
(D) 1821

William Smith knew how to draw the vertical extent of the rocks but didn't know how to display them horizontally. He found a map showing types of soils and vegetation around Bath and their geographical extent with different types colored. He drew a crude geological map from his observations showing the outcrops of rocks using this technique. Based on the outcrops, he estimated the extent of rocks and filled them in color. In 1799, he produced the first large-scale geological map of the area around Bath. In 1801, he drew a rough sketch of what would become the first geological map of most of Great Britain. He traveled extensively across Great Britain working as a mineral surveyor. In 1815, he published the first geological map of Great Britain covering England and Wales, and parts of Scotland. This is the world's first geological map covering such a large extent. William Maclure published a geological map of the United States of America 6 years earlier, but that didn't cover whole area. William Smith's map is also the first geological map of an entire country.

Answer: (C) 1815


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