Who first proposed the term Isostasy?


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Jun 3, 2020
(A) Sir George Airy
(B) Clarence Dutton
(C) R. A. Daly
(D) Archdeacon Pratt

Isostasy or isostatic equilibrium is the state of gravitational equilibrium between Earth's crust and mantle such that the crust floats over mantle at an elevation depending on its thickness and density. This concept explains the variation of topographic heights at Earth's surface. Isostasy restores the equilibrium by adjusting tectonic plates based on their thickness and density. While the physical process such as wind and water explain the horizontal movements on the surface, isostasy explains the vertical movements. The general term isostasy was first coined by the American geologist Clarence Dutton in 1882.

Answer: (B) Clarence Dutton


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